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HCIE 2021 | International Culture IP Project

Updated: May 25, 2022

Since 2020, BAHC Advisory has always maintained in-depth cooperation with Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (HCIE).

During the lockdown in 2021, the form of offline event would be turned into the form online and the theme of HCIE this year was the International Culture IP Project. As the HCIE’s official European Partner, BAHC Advisory attended the HCIE forum, moreover, we were very glad to have this opportunity to invite the Museum of Versailles, France and Shangyuan Cultural, Shanghai to this event.

Through the online platform of HCIE, we were able to present the Palace of Versailles’s most important world-class digital exhibition tour over recent years –Virtually Versailles. It was also the first time that the Place of Versailles was exhibited by digital image technology in China. At the exhibition, through the technology of 360-degree image, fall-immersion and interactive tour, hologram, VR, visitors could completely glimpse into the iconic attractions, art collections, the garden and also the history of the Versailles.

Exhibition "Virtually Versailles"

On the forum of HCIE, for this special online event, the president of the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles Ms. Catherine Pégard delivered a welcome speech. Meanwhile, the project director of the Museum of Versailles Ms. Agathe Renaud delivered also her appreciation and the expectation of this cooperation with BAHC on the forum through videoconference.

In a word, China and France are both world-famous countries of cultures. Every year, an enormous amount of tourists from China visit the Versailles. As Catherine said, the successful holding of Virtually Versailles in China is of great significance, which without doubt promotes the development of the Franco-Chinese cultural exchange.

In addition, thanks for the HCIE forum, as a European cultural agency, BAHC Advisory discussed with other relevant international bodies the possibility and feasibility of the operation of cultural IP, exhibition online or other cultural activities online during this difficult period.

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