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CCW 2022 | Caleme

Caleme is a French artist currently living in Morocco. Her artworks - paper-shaped sculptures have been exhibited in various countries like France, Morocco and China.

Born in France, in an Alsatian family whose nurturing activities were linked to paper trades. The family’s knowledge bathed Caleme’s childhood in a subconscious sensitivity to all the wonders of its applications. Then, Caleme started her career in art and sojourned in Asia for almost 10 years. In Asia, she met multiple opportunities to learn traditional techniques from masters in various arts. She also started to be interested and adore in paper’s artisanal production, including the method of cutting and folding, but also its combination with inks.

After she had settled in Morocco, the abundance of sunlight and luxuriant vegetation have also influenced her creation. She craves or shape the paper by using different techniques and she always tries to set balanced scenes where the light helps to express a dynamic. In addition, she also tries to make paper-shaped sculptures through abstract subjects that inspirate from vegetation.

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