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Ingrid Monchy is a French engraving artist who is also an illustrator and graphic designer. Ingrid is adept to use the art of papercutting to create entertaining but also educational pop-up books for children on a variety of themes including fairy tales, Parisian scenes, full of lively and interesting.

She had also collaborated with the retrospective of Joan Miró that was held in the Grand Palais in Paris, for which she created a pop-up card.

Ingrid's pop-art cards in CCW event

Ingrid’s creation and production have undoubtedly nourished by her travelling in Europe, America and Asia. Inspired by stories of Genesis from various cultures, she began experimenting with gold foil on paper sculptures, symbolizing the connection between our spiritual world and the divinity, that also accomplish her own characteristic paper artistic.

In addition, Ingrid is also engaged in engraving art with the theme of the daily life. It was the first time that her artworks had been exhibited in China.

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