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Lv Xiaoshuai, Chinese young artist and sculptor living in Chengdu. In 2019, Xiaoshuai’s art pieces were selected for the inaugural residency of the Van Gogh House, London, which is also chosen by Prince Charles as the royal collection.

From 2020 to present, represented by BAHC Advisory, Xiaoshuai’s artwork has been exhibited in various art activities both in China and European countries, many of them are also collected by European collectors.

Since his student days, Xiaoshuai’s artwork has always been active in a variety of domestic and international exhibitions. His artistic style is simple but exquisite. He is especially adept at applying the most common materials to objectify his daily life and psychological state in his own way. For spectators, the artwork of Xiaoshuai is redolent of nature, meanwhile, it maybe also be associated with surrealism.

This time in CCW 2022, Xiaoshuai brought his latest series of artwork Lost Future and its derivatives to the exhibition. Lost Future is a series of sculptural works created constantly by Xiaoshuai since 2016. He used pulp as the main material, shaped the pulp with clay by traditional craftsmanship to complete its entire form.

Xiaoshuai's artworks in CCW event

Lost Future, it is not only the name of the sculpture, but also represents an inner state that elusively, and continuously.

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