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Exhibition | Many more to come

Updated: May 25, 2022

Many more to come is a group exhibition held on November 01 – 04th 2021 at Fusion Design Center, Nottingham. Curated by Misi LIU, supported by BAHC Advisory, Atelier Murmur and Fusion, the exhibition aimed at giving a wonderful visual feast of ceramics to British visitors, by international artists from the Franch pottery studio Atelier Murmur, Armel Barraud, Stephanie Cahorel, Huijun, Susu, Lingzi JI, Garderie Internationale.

Artists from different cultural backgrounds would present their latest artworks in the exhibition. This exhibition focuses on guiding the visitors to think about the original form of art and the relationships with art itself through minimalism, for the purpose of showing the concept of « removing frills and pursuing reality ».

There are diverse forms and themes of artwork in the exhibition. Fallen leaves, rivers, and lots of other natural elements appear in artists’ creations. What’s more, it includes also the consideration of the thickness and the light and shadow’s application. All of that fully demonstrates how nature and ceramics art coexist.

Many more to come is the artists’ exploration of life philosophy and their artistic creation, which reflect the creative idea that art is associated with real life. These artwork contains artists’ great passion for minimalism and nature, moreover, this cooperation contributes to mutual learning and art exchange of those who had different cultural backgrounds and different inspirations to create, which is also a fantastic UK-China cultural promotion.


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