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CCW 2022 | Event Review | BAHC’s new Western folk tales on papercraft

This summer in China Craft Week 2022 (CCW), around the theme of “papercraft”, BAHC Advisory brought 5 international artists from various cultures who live in or travel in Europe to the event : Colette Bain, Caleme, Marine Chevanse, Xiaoshuai Lv, Ingrid Monchy.

These artists either were born in Europe, or studied in there, or are currently living in Asia. All of them choose the Asia’s traditional material - paper as the raw and main material for their artistic expression, and they also draw emotions from their own cultural environment from it. It shows how Eastern and Western cultures intertwine and blend, moreover, artists exploit this fantastic fusion to feed back their artistic inspirations.

As the third time to participate in the CCW event, and represented British and European art & culture, BAHC’s exhibition called Tell a Folk Tale, we would introduce European literature, Western myths, stories and legends. We also held a woodcut workshop, which were interdependent with artworks from 5 artists, to present this blending of cultures to visitors in an innovative way.


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