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HCIE 2022 | Event Review

In 2020, BAHC Advisory established an official partnership with Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (HCIE).

Since its inception in 2007, HCIE has been considered one of China’s four comprehensive culture and creative industry exhibitions in this area as the main platform for promoting the cultural & creative industry exhibition, trade negotiation and communication. It is also the third time that BAHC has been invited to participate in the event.

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition

The 16th Hangzhou Cultural Industry Expo in 2022 was one of the rare and successful cultural exhibitions held in China under the newly unsealed national conditions. The HCIE 2022 is entitled “The Culture of Power”. As the main agency of the Europe & UK Pavillion in the event, BAHC Advisory is so honored to invite 10 individual artists, 1 art studio, and 2 well-known fashion design brands that come from or are based in Europe or the UK.

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition

Individual participating artists in HCIE are Alana Clohessy (Ireland), Marta Anglada (Spain), Manon Léfébure (France), Osa Rosti (Sweden&Italy), Alessandra Rocassalva (Italy), Marius et Marinette (France), Colette Bain (UK), Marine Chevanse (France), Ingrid Monchy (France), Xiaoshuai Lv (China).

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition

The art studio participating in HCIE is Îlo Gallery, based in Paris, France.

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition - Îlo Gallery

Design brands participating in HCIE are the children's wear brand Knit Planet, based in the UK, and the fashion IP brand Smiley, based in London, UK.

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition - Knit Planet

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition - Smiley

BAHC Advisory aims to give European and British artists and art brands a better platform for international communication, while at the same time showcasing the diversity of art styles and historical cultures of different countries for domestic audiences. This cooperation will undoubtedly deepen the relationship between Hangzhou and Europe in the art and culture industry, and promote the common prosperity and development of the art and culture of both places.

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition

HCIE 2022 - BAHC's Exhibition

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