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CCW 2019 | Le Roni Headpiece

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Le Roni is an emerging brand based in London that focuses on the creation of hand-sculpted feather headpieces.

Started in 2015 by Le Roni Sachelaridi, the brand has since appeared on America’s Next Top Model and has been published in Vogue Italia, Vogue Ukraine, Schön Magazine and others.

In 2016 Le Roni achieved international recognition as an accessories finalist at the International Talent Support competition in Trieste, Italy. In 2018 Le Roni applied again and became a finalist in the artwork category sponsored by Swatch.

Born in Paraguay in 1994, Le Roni Sachelaridi is a self-taught milliner who has developed his techniques through research and personal experience while being driven by a love for art and fashion.

Le Roni creates experimental and abstract pieces, mainly using feathers. His artwork is inspired by many things; like nature, life experiences & travels, but the main inspiration behind everything is the intense passion and hunger he has for always creating new things in unexpected ways, aiming to always cause an impact to the eyes in a delicate yet powerful way with a meaningful message enhancing the craftsmanship with each feather used.

The pieces to be presented are inspired by keywords like: roots, life, beautiful birds, movement, feathers, craftsmanship, storytellers...

The story is Mementos: South American Wildness meets European finesse. Mixing both worlds to create a fantasy Amazonian yet delicate and elegant world, capturing the beauty of the small mementos in the cycle of life.

Within the collection there are shapes to represent the roots of plants growing, flowers for life and birds flying leaving the nest in the search of new things. This is enhanced by an explosion of delicate contours with strong movements, striking colours and abstract forms. A fairy tale told in an animalistic and tribal yet graceful way. Le Roni presented his exhibition with BAHC in 2019 China Craft Week in Hangzhou China.

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