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Art Acquisitions Invest in Art+Artists

Updated: May 25, 2022

BAHC Advisory invited artist and architect Tannaz Oroumchi, member of AVA and CPA Wenning Wang, Point West Real Estate team, and curator Misi Liu to start a dialogue on art acquisitions and investments on 15 January 2020.

Cooperating with St George – London Dock, this Artist Talk allows the artists, the collectors, and institutions to make close contact to discuss the collection, investment, but also interior design, and ekistic relationship.

We had the great honor to have this opportunity to invite Tannaz Oroumchi to our Artist Talk.

Tannaz Oroumchi is an artist but also an architect, in such a way that her artwork is always based on the re-imagination of the cities and re-thinking of the spaces. During the dialogue, with her experiences and her knowledge of architecture, she mentioned the relationships between the residential areas and residents, and why or how to bond it with art in our daily life.

London Black, Hand drawn Ink on Architectural Film, Tannaz Oroumchi, 2007

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