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Marine is a French artist. She had learned technical material and object design during her study period, when she integrates Human and art to her reflections through the jewel. Since then, her work is articulated between sculpture, painting and writing. She also deepens her research into gesture, colour and the spiritual energy that emanates from them.

Marine’s latest artworks explore the paper media. She transforms it into jewelries and sculptural pieces that incorporate the thinking of Human and customs. With her own experience in gymnastics, through the poetic movement of the body in circus, through the resonance of the unity of individuals in the ice rink, through the role of spectators and actors on stage and these esoteric stories, moreover, Based on the mysterious stories of the Basque region in the south of France, Marine turns all this imperceptible energy – the gestures, the colours and the spirit into her own creative inspiration.

Marine's artwork in CCW event

Until today, Marine has held several exhibitions in European countries such as France, Germany and Belgium. It was the first time that her art pieces were exhibited in China.

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