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Colette Bain is a British artist who mainly use the layering method of “papier-mâché” to create her paper sculptures. As part of the creative process, she mounts these paper sculptures in boxes or vintage tins, thus becoming original, innovative and exquisite artwork. Her work is inspired by folktale, the natural world and 1970s British children’s television and explores themes such as identity, relationships, and the way we see ourselves in other animals.

Colette is also a bibliophile with an extensive collection and she wants to give new life to old and broken books. Inspired by it, her “paper sculptural box” create vivid stories one after another and experiment different combinations between colour and collage.

Colette's artworks in the CCW event

Colette’s artworks have been exhibited in various European countries, such as Britain and Germany. It was the first time that her art pieces were exhibited in China.

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