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CCW 2021 | Overview

Since 2018, BAHC Advisory has enjoyed a long-term collaborative relationship with China Craft Week (CCW). At CCW 2021, BAHC cooperated with Îlo Gallery Paris to bring ceramics, sculptures and also handicrafts by 10 artists who live in France, and they would show their fantastic French ceramic aesthetic to Chinese visitors.

Manon LEFÉBURE, artist lives and works in Paris. Her artwork focuses on the intimate relationship between daily objects with us, and is always poetic and childlike.

Jie Wang, artist lives and works in Paris. Jie Wang’s black-white artwork is inspired by the observation of thousands of cats’ attitudes and expressions.

Célestine PEUCHOT, artist lives and works in Paris. Her work explores spaces and objects through dialogues that relate to digital and industrial production technologies.

Anne-Laure VINCENT, artist lives and works in Paris. Anne is adepts at narrating anecdotes of objects with her ceramics artwork, so that to blend with the extraordinary and ordinary of these stories.

Weiwen JIANG, artist lives and works in Paris. He makes functional works that explore figuration in the way of quoting the iconography of the Sumerian civilization.

Stephanie CAHOREL, artist lives and works in Marseille. She has her own monochrome universe from another era that blends with the nostalgia for a past and a quirky sense of humour.

Isabelle CHEN, artist and jewelry designer lives and works in Paris. Her jewelry work is inspired by architectural games for children and intends to create a colourful and playful shape.

Lingzi JI, artist lives and works in Paris. Applying the natural and fragile materials like porcelain and paper, Lingzi’s artwork revolves around oppositions between the group and individual, the difference and repetition, the unique and multiple, and the appearance and disappearance.

Xiaowei YUAN, artist lives and works in Paris. Her artwork is inspired by natural and elements that she found in the countryside. Moreover, she explores and creates her original ceramics works with her intuition.

Jinjin SUN, artist lives and works in Paris. She is always in the way of exploring possibilities of the porcelain. Her artwork is not only inspired by nature, but also by the cultural products of post-war France.


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