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CCW 2020 | Morgan Stockon

Morgan Stockon is a British artist and designer by uses glass and steel. Her great-great-grandfather was a glassblower for Chance Brothers Classworks, once a leading glass manufacturer and a pioneer of British glassmaking technology in Birmingham. Inspired by her heritage and with a great passion for glass craftsmanship, Morgan founded her namesake designer brand.

She uses steel and glass to create contemporary one-off sculptures, which are also inspired by Birmingham’s architecture and industrial aesthetics. Her work has a muted monochrome colour palette, highlighting the variations, and shapes created by the steel grid structures she creates. She also uses an experimental approach to traditional mould-blowing for forming glass, and embodies a drawing that has « entered into space ».

This time at China Craft Week 2020 (CCW) in November in Hangzhou, the British Pavilion handled by BAHC Advisory reached in-depth cooperation with Morgan Stockon, who brought the artworks from British to China, to show the highlight moments of British in the 60s and 70s in her eyes, as a new generation artist, who is also creating her own golden age.

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