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CCW 2020 | Lily Pearmain's ceramic aesthetic

Lily Pearmain is a ceramic artist living and working in South East London. She studied Russian at UCL (London's Global University), however, with a great interest in pottery’s design and its making, Lily became a self-taught potter and founded her own ceramics studio in British.

Lily is driven by experimenting with processes and approaches to clay as a material, while keeping the work clean. Often in simple forms and mostly, she makes them by using the potter’s wheel, even for sculptural pieces and with minimal glazing. That gives her artworks a feeling of simple, quiet, but also clean and natural, which is Lily’s unique aesthetic.

At China Craft Week 2020 (CCW) in November in Hangzhou, the British Pavilion handled by BAHC Advisory reached in-depth cooperation with Lily Pearmain, we are very glad to have this opportunity to bring her ceramics artwork from British to China.

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